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Stainless Steel and Rolling Mills

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  • Stainless Steel and Rolling Mills

    I am wonderign if anyone has any experience of rolling stainless steel. I think the Rickwell number for stainless steels are around 80 - 92 which be around the same as most good quality rollers on bench top rolling mills. Is it possible to get away with it after annealing? Any other suggestions? I'm looking to roll 2.5" squares of 0.9mm 316 Stainless steel sheet to 0.6mm thickness.

    Any help is very much appreciated

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    Well it is a little risky using stainless steel in your roll mills because of the the strength of stainless steel, at those pressures even a small particle from the stainless steel can imprint onto your rollers.

    But I think you could make a sandwich consisting of brass on the outside (1.0mm thickness), then mild steel sheet (1.5mm thickness) and finally the stainless in the middle (so 5 pieces of metal in total), this way the brass will protect the rollers on the outside and the mild steel should be hard enough to flatten the stainless steel. Reverse the sandwich on each pass through the roll mills and only use small increments until you reach your thickness.

    Also you can check out a website called Chronos for sheet metal

    Good luck


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      alternative to rolling steel

      Hi there,

      It's just a suggestion but have you considered etching steel? This requires chemicals and etching mask. Unfortunately I only know of it working with steel rather than stainless steel. It can be a bit messy but if it's steel you want to work with then this might be an option.

      Alternatively, you can achieve a steel finish using silver? This can be achieved using chemicals to oxidise the metal, making it go dark, and then polishing it back. There are also different types of polishing mop which can achieve a brushed steel finish.

      Apologies for not knowing the names of said chemicals, my memory is a bit patchy but I'm sure these wouldn't be difficult to track down.

      Hope this helps.