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Can anyone help please....

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  • Can anyone help please....

    I want to make some rings that are basically discs or shapes covered in scraps of fabric etc. I have the ring blanks I just am not sure what to use as a base to cover my material.

    I am hoping to use something plyable (shocking spelling) so I can make shapes maybe attach dangly bits.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated
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    Hi there - Try self cover buttons as your base. I use the metal ones, they are much easier than the plastic type (and don't require any sewing!). You can buy self cover buttons in packs and they come in various different sizes from haberdasheries. And I would also recommend buying the universal covering tool to help you too. You just need to follow the instructions on the pack, but before you pop the backs of the buttons in, remove the shank, so you end up with a flat back. Then just glue the back of your button to your ring base. Easy! Hope this help
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