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Does anyone make jewellery using pewter?

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  • Does anyone make jewellery using pewter?

    Hi all

    I'm new to the forum, and am really hoping all you lovely people can help me?! I really want to start making fashion/costume jewellery using pewter, but I'm not really too sure where to start, ie how to go about it, what I need, where to get it from etc? I've been looking online, but I guess I must be putting all the wrong things into the search engine as I have been unable to find much! Any help/advice would be much appreciated xx

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    As far as I know you will need moulds, pewter and somthing to melt it in and a lot of practise!
    A friend of mine makes charms and earrings in pewter I will ask him later today and get back to you!


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      I am the one Teddy is talking about.

      You need to buy a magazine called Hobby's (£3.99)

      they have a website but it isn't a very good site.

      The product you need is Silicone rubber part number 6407.

      Basically you make a mould using that, melt down pewter and pour into mould.

      To make a mould you need the silicone rubber and plasticine and a mould box.

      Make flat plasticine base, put what ya want to mould in it, pour on silicone rubber, let that set, remove plasticine and repeat.

      Leave to cure for 5 or 6 days.

      Then create funnels in mould for pewter to flow.


      Melt pewter

      Pour in

      2 minutes to let it set

      Hey presto

      Its done.

      Not quite as simple as that but if you are serious I can go into it properly for ya.


      Take a peek at me stuff at


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        If you need any help let Teddy know or give me a shout

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        Take a peek at me stuff at