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    New to the forum and pretty new to jewellery making. Did my first table/stall sale over the weekend and made a profit - good start I think.

    Looking for ways/places to sell my stuff and was hoping to get the opinion of some more experienced people out there, namely you.

    What do you think of selling thru ...

    School/Church/scout etc fairs and fetes?
    Craft fairs in general

    BTW I make silver and silver wire/wire wrapped jewellery, mainly semi precious stones and pearls. Just discovered crocheting and knitting with same - new addiction. Website is a work in progress, well it will be soon.

    Look forward to your answers.

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    Hi Sarah!

    I sell glass jewellery (well mainly). I sell the bulk of my pieces on ebay...although I've found etsy a really good place to sell too...generally you can get a better price there. I've got my own website...down at the moment as i've had a redesign. Websites are good but you'll have to spend a long time developing interest in forums like this or by advertising online or through flyers etc before it really starts to pay off. I hoping to eventually sell by my site alone.
    I've sold at craft fayres too but with varying success. I think the best thing to do with craft fayres is do a bit of research on the type of people coming. I've made a months income on fayres in November and December but the ones here are usually quite poor and it's not worth the effort any other time of year.
    I find ebay a good place to generate private sales...although it's frowned upon on the site itself-they take enough in fees so I can't see the harm.
    Make sure you get flyers/ business cards done ASAP!'s ridiculous the amount of money I've lost being disorganised!
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