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What is this clasp called?

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  • What is this clasp called?

    Someone has given me a bracelet to fix and replace the clasp, it's pandora style and never having done these before I have no idea what to search for, been searching net for clasps for an hour now and still not found what I need, they want a similar clasp, none of my usual suppliers sell it and tried some pandora style but they only seem to sell bracelets as a whole
    I thought this was an easy task

    Pic is here;
    Thanks in advance

    photo (2).jpg
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    There's something similar here at Palmers x
    Sarah x

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      lobster clasp on ebay they had more simple ones too


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        I know that pandora at one time only had those style clasps made just for them so it could be worth contacting them for a trade price?
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          Thanks all, it's not pandora I don't think, pandora style and I can't see any hall marks on it so would presume it's plated so ideally looking for plated silver
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            i'm guessing the 'wing' looking part came out of the hole in the clasp heart.................. looks like a sort of dog clip closure, or lobster clasp but with a heart. have done repairs myself and when 'replica' parts cant be found, i've made an alternative and to date very happy customers (with prior consultation know how utterly frustrating it is to 'surf' relentlessly and not find what your looking for. after this long winded rambling, i'm sorry i cant be of much help! but hey, its bumped it up (a tad)
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              Lol, thanks urbanfairy

              I actually mailed him last night to find out more about what she wanted as he put £10 in with the bracelet, so I had no idea what sort of clasp he wanted for that money! it turned out he just wanted anything I could find so I got one of those trigger heart clasps that Sarah said about on Palmers but in silver plate, so he can have most of his money back
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