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    Hi all,

    Looking for some hints and tips on rolling mills.

    I've just bought and waiting for delivery of a 3" rolling mill so that I can make my own filigree wire and some other things like imprinting designs on sterling silver sheet.

    Also got a great deal on a mill that corragates sheet silver, looking forward to having some fun with that.

    Any advice would be welcome



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    Hello Fran,
    Well, as you asked,

    On the subject of rolling mills, fantastic. I can give you some E-references about looking after the rollers. (when I find them) But for now,
    • Never put steel through the mill. It will mark the rollers immediately. No steel mesh. No steel templates. I have seen one jewellery book advocate the use of a steel template, but if you value the mill. don't do it.
    • Always use softer metals, brass, copper, silver, gold and platinum. Paper, fabric, leaves(?)
    • Make sure the metal you are rolling is dry and free from pickling acid. (acid will etch the rollers and water will rust them.)
    • Keep the rollers protected when not using the mill (again I need to find the reference from Ganoksin. It is there!)
    • Expriment away, different papers can give a beautiful texture. buy some cheap thin brass or copper sheet at a hobby supply shop and practice on that. You can incorporate it into jewellery if you like the results.
    Again, have fun, it is a very useful piece of equipment which should last you many years.

    Ruth, :-)