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    hi i have just bought some elastic to make bracelets and everytime im tying it it just come un done it wont stay in a knot and i double knot it. Any tips ? please visit i have all my handmade jewellery on it.

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    Spot of glue or clear nail vanish


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      make a right over left double knot, then a right over left double knot wrapping the second knot twice, then a spot of glue or clear varnish. I hope you can understand what I am talking about as it is much easier to do than it is to put into words.
      If you use stretch magic, which I find the best they have a diagram on the spool that shows you how step by step
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        I have been using GS Hypo Cement on elastic beading and it works a treat


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          I think you will get a million answers on this one - left over right, then right over left. Stretch magic has instructions on the back of their packaging to show how to knot the cord. We always use a spot of super glue. That said, we still tell customers (usually for kids) that everything has a breaking point or at least can come undone so they should still be careful.
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