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  • Hello from a newbie x


    This is my first post, ive lurked for a while but thought it was about time to be brave and post something!

    Myself and my mam have set up our handmade jewellery website, with us both being new to all of this we would really appreciate any feedback if you wouldnt mind.
    We also have a facebook page and would like more 'likers' if possible.
    Thank you

    Oh not sure how to do this as im not allowed to post links yet? x

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    Hi Jak and Mam !! ( if that's right ) Welcome to the Crafts Forum lots of friendly helpful people on here to chat too, but beware, you will waste a lot of time as it's a bit addictive ( from someone who is supposed to be working right now LOL )

    Look forward to seeing some of your makes. You can add up to 4 links to your signature before you get to 25 posts or create an album of your jewellery for us all to have a nosey.

    Good luck with it.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      Thank you, i am currently trying to figure out how to get the links on lol

      Kelly x


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        think ive done it!


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          Hi Judith, Hi Kelly - not sure which of you is which, but hi to you both anyway!

          Welcome to the forum - you and your mum have made a great start with your site. You have some nice designs, your prices are certainly reasonable too.

          I would say that you site could benefit by looking a little more professional from a business sense though. It is this, and good design, that will go on to distinguish you from all the other handcrafted jewellery sellers out there. And these days we have to do everything we can to grab the attention of the customer and keep it!

          There are various things you need to have on a selling website that show your potential customers you are a business they can trust and will want to buy from. Some of these things are legal requirements too - they include things like making sure you meet the Distance Selling Regulations etc.

          You can find lots of the info you need about this in my article on Selling Handmade Jewellery - I really recommend you both read it through as it will give you the basic requirements you need to meet when selling your jewellery to the public and has some useful links in it.

          I would also advise that you try to give a better description for each peice. People won't care if a bracelet contains "14 crystals" or however many pearls. They are far more likely to want to know what type of crystals those are (quality European "big name" crystals or chinese copies?) They will want to know what type of pearls (real? Freshwater? Plastic?) etc.

          They'll also want to know things like how long the bracelet is etc. Maybe you could also include info about the design, what inspired it etc. Or let the customer know how it would be packaged - they might be wanting to buy as gifts etc. So I think there is just a bit more dialogue you could have with the customer in your descriptions and that will help sales.

          I would also advise that you try to improve the photos a little. Your composition for the shots are great - showing the peice in an interesting way and close enough to see the detail. It's just they are a little dark and could use a little work to correct the white balance and bring the colours back to life.

          Again though - there is loads of info on the web about photographing jewellery and image processing. This online tutorial shows you just how much a little image processing can do for pictures, for example.

          Good luck with the business and best wishes to you both. I think it must be lovely to have something as rewarding as jewellery-making to share with your mum. So I am sure your main motivation is for the simple pleasures of making anyway. Its just if you sell more stuff, you'll get to buy more beadies and make even more! So there's always a good incentive to do the best job possible on the business and marketing side of things too!
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            welcome to the forum! I am Lucy, from moseleys giftware hope you enjoy it!

            Lucy Moseley Moseley's Giftware
            Twitter: http://!/lucy_moseley


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              Helloooo, and welcome! Oo, I noticed on your website you have a space for fabric -you going top sell fabric too? I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with fabric......


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                Originally posted by Handbagsbyhelen View Post
                Helloooo, and welcome! Oo, I noticed on your website you have a space for fabric -you going top sell fabric too? I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with fabric......
                Hi, its not actual fabric, its going to be fabric brooches and hairpieces etc, i know what you mean though i love fabric too lol x


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                  Hi and welcome,

                  The forum is fantastic and I have found lots of helpful tips and information as well as interesting conversations.

                  Enjoy x


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                    Hi and welcome


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                      Welcome to the forum
                      View my flickr

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                        Hi there

                        You'll find lots of friendly folks on here, so welcome, now you can be one of them! I like the look of your website, it's very professional. I also have a very new website, so know how it feels!

                        Good luck with your new venture!


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                        Our blog is very new, we're making lots of mistakes, but that's part of the fun!


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                          Welcome to the forum
                          full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                            Thank you everyone for making me feel so welcome, i feel like i posted then ran away lol, but my little boy is unwell at the min so havnt had much time to come on here, hopefully he i getting better and i can grab some time on here soon .