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Need to source leather strips

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  • Need to source leather strips

    Can anyone help me in finding leather strips to weave into bracelets. I'm looking for around 5mm wide flat leather strips a minimum length of 900mm as the are going to be woven/braided. Longer if poss so that I can do necklaces too.

    I have looked on the Internet and at a few Hobby Craft stores but no joy. Yet to look at sewing shops (material shops)

    Any suggestions gratefully received.


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    You could try the following:

    I was looking for some leather recently and found these to have the best websites. Sorry I cannot recommend either as I eventually bought some from eBay. Talking of eBay there are some sellers who might be able to help, just be warned the leather quality might not be as good.



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      Le Prevo had a £15 minimum spend but are really helpful.
      My shoe making friend uses Tandys a lot.

      The Identity Store. Lovely lot.
      Lyons. Been going for ages.
      I would say Fred Aldous but their leather thong went downhill a year ago.
      In times of trouble I've cut my own. You do it in a spiral and get a length longer than you can imagine.


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        Thank you for your help. Have gone with The Identity Store.
        I tried online and ended up with vinyl bracelet with just the cord ties being real leather boot lace......very disappointing. But should have guessed really, as the say 'you get what you pay for'.