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  • Need help

    I am looking for "Liver of suphur" solution or hard substance for oxidizing copper and silver. All i can find on the net is in the US and the shipping is a problem, can somebody give me an address somewhere in Europe where i can find ?

    Thank you in advance !

    Ragards from sunny Bulgaria !
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    Think they have it there


    They have it too
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      Thank you !

      Thank you very much for the fast replay.
      Unfortunately those compalnies sell extremly small ammounts 6 ml. and it isnt worth transporting them. I found some recepies of making it yourself if it is working I will share with all of you !

      Have a nice day !
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        I would be interested in your recipe. I have a large copper sculpture in the design stages.

        is this the stuff your after?
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          here is the pecipe

          What you showed is copper patina, i have never used this ( dont use brass or copper ) but i guess you are after greenish patina i have some coleges who make antique replicas they use what we call "Blue stone " which practicly is copper dissolved into nitric acid and to enhance the "Antique " effect they berry the items in the garden for a week or two. Anyway i am after black patina for silver and here is the recipe i found on the net, havent tried it yet but maybe this weekend, wish you good luck.

          Liver of sulphur is not a chemical compound but is a mixture, prepared as a brown mass by fusing sulphur and potassium carbonate.(P. J. Durant 1954, General and Inorganic Chemistrypage 491)

          6S + 3K2CO3 = 2K2S2 + K2S2O3 + 3CO2

          When I last prepared this I melted sulphur and slowly added a measured quantity of potassium carbonate as per the above formulae.

          The mixture was stirred until bubbling ceased and was then allowed to cool. It was then broken up and bottled. The mixture was stable.

          A dilute solution can be used to tarnish copper and other metals.

          Note that hydrogen sulphides are also evolved which smell bad in low concentration but are poisonous in higher concentrations. Thus a fume cupboard is mandatory.
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            It's to be hoped there are no copyright issues with this piece.