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Where do you get more sales?

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  • Where do you get more sales?

    Hi everyone, joined awhile back but haven't done a post yet!

    My question is where do you get your most sales? I've had a few orders from family/friends and my facebook page. I currently have £80 worth of jewellery that I have made and don't really want to make anymore until i've at least sold a few of my currant bits. Where do i go? I've tried and failed with ebay so my only options have been family/friends and facebook.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello, you've tried other sites with ads?

    Or with or
    But I'm writing from Italy, I could not recommend more.


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      You can try Etsy and Folksy, they are probably the biggest. Others could be Ukhandmade or on the run up to Christmas look on Stallfinder and maybe do a craft fair near you. Jewellery seems to go well at them.


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        Getting regular online sales takes a lot of work, wherever you sell them.

        I get most of my sales through my own website, but I also sell a little bit on other websites. My main promotional tool is my blog and it does bring people in from the search engines, but again this took time and a lot of blogging! It still does - it's very much an ongoing process, but it's one I enjoy so I don't mind.

        I also use Twitter and Facebook (less so).

        A lot of people use etsy and folksy but the story is the same - you need to put some work into promoting them.

        Getting out there and showing off your work at fairs, handing out cards and telling people they can buy online helps too.
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          Wendy is totally right in that selling online takes a lot of hard word, time and commitment. I would suggest that you are doing the right thing with friends/family and facebook. These things take time and patience but you will get there.

          I would say that 'word of mouth' is probably one of the most powerful tools when selling jewellery. The more of your jewellery that is out there being enjoyed the more word will spread...kind of like a virus really (but in a good way )...take every opportunity to give your jewellery as gifts, giveaways etc....and do a few local fairs as well.

          Good luck with it (because a little bit of luck helps too!!).

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