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    Hi all

    I'm Rachael and I'm new to Crafts Forum.

    I have just set up a Facebook Page, Twitter and Ebay Shop for my jewellery shop Some Little Treasures.
    I really need some followers and some likes and would be grateful for any support or advice on getting the ball rolling!

    I also have my own website but haven't set up selling through this yet as I want to try and get a feel for what is selling before I get more stock. Any advice at all would be appreciated.

    Thanks again in advance for any help!! xx
    Ebay Shop
    Facebook Page
    Website (in progress)

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    Welcome in Rachael,

    Whilst you cannot put links into your posts until you have 25 of them, you can put up to 4 craft related links in your signature (go to My Profile and have a play).

    I haven't been here long but everyone is really friendly and very nosy, so you will get asked for piccies

    A piece of advice for newbies is to do a search for anything you want to ask. There is so much brilliant advice here and those in the know seem to remember the great threads. So if you don't find them yourself you will be directed to existing posts if there are some good ones on your topic.

    Have fun
    Do not watch this space


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      Thank you for the tips I will have a browse now and see what I can find It's already been helpful from what I have seen so far! I'm looking forward to seeing other people's work too. Just managed to get the links in too xx
      Ebay Shop
      Facebook Page
      Website (in progress)


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        Just liked your facebook page. Love the little bottles with corks! Definitely add the links for facebook, twitter, your website, ebay to your signature in your forum account. Additionally, contribute to the forum as this will also help spread the word about yourself; and you will be a giver of advice as you receive in turn.
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          Interaction is the best way to steadily grow your fans. Visit other related Facebook pages and 'like' them and join in discussions etc, interact with people in Twitter and their blogs and you'll find they'll start to follow you back. But do make sure it's not in a spammy way, those 'just popping by to say hello, come like my page' posts are really annoying and put people off liking you back.

          Another tip is to make sure your updates aren't all about your business, include links to articles, news. blog posts that might be of interest to your fans.

          Good luck and welcome to the world of social networking!
          Twitter: @sewingdirectory


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            I have a friend that does a lot of promotion on Twitter and he seems to think that Twitter is a good way to get people to check out craft sites. I think it's something that I will work on too, and see if I can get a feel for it.


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              Hi Rachael - welcome to the forum. I have just been for a mooch and have followed you on Twitter and FB, it's definitely worthwhile putting your details in your signature though.

              You have some great designs so go for it with the website. I dilly dallied, wanting to wait until I had it just so but in the end just got going with mine and realised that website are always evolving and always need working on so its best to just get it out there and go for it. Good luck

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                Hi Rachael

                Love all your jewellery, have liked you on FB - I've not quite mastered Twitter yet!

                Love Laura - Handmade Jewellery and Gifts for Children and Adults


                Facebook Page