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  • Which Jewellery Making Magazine?

    I was thinking of subscribing to a jewellery making magazine and wondered which one do you think is the most popular / best one to subscribe to? Sorry if this has been asked before, I did search the posts but I could only find a thread going back to 2009.

    I did use to subscribe to bead online - i-mag, but found it quite hard on my eyes and felt there were quite a lot of adverts and not many projects.
    Would love to hear what others subscribe to.

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    what kind of Jewellery do you make Angie?
    If you like beading, I would maybe look at one of the bead mags. I really enjoy 'making jewellery' mag at the moment because it has a good mix of metals and beading.
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      I used to subscribe to Bead magazine and they were an absolute nightmare to get rid of when I decided I didnt want it after the first year. I had to send countless emails that went unanswered, could never get through on the phone so I posted on their forum and promptly got banned - yet they still kept sending me letters and emails - I must have had 20 subscription reminders through my door and as many emails. I found that there were far too many ads and projects around seed beading, which doesnt interest me in the slightest. I think in a couple of issues, all but one project was seed beading. So now I buy magazines which focus on all sorts of techniques such as wire work, PMC, resin, etc - even if I dont do all these I like to read about them as some day I might! So it depends what you're interested in but I would never, ever recommend anyone subscribe to Bead magazine if you value your sanity!

      I just bought one called Creative Beads and Jewellery and it seems to be really good - its got wirework, a feature on lucite, lampwork, chain maille, resin, and PMC - plus more. It is also geared towards what is fashionable at the moment which means its good for those of us selling our jewellery. It costs £3.99.

      I also like Making Jewellery but I dont think its any better than the one above but costs £4.99 so I only buy if its got something to interest me but again a good range of projects.


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        I find beads and beyond is an excellent magazine and one I buy regularly
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          I'm a big Beads and Beyond fan too. Lots of interesting stuff in it, nicely laid out and good clear pictures. I like Art Jewellery too. I agree about Bead magazine, I really can't abide it. I wouldn't have it if it was being given away.
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            Yes I usually get Making Jeweller, watch you don't get make jewellery as it's not so informative. I started with beads and beyond, it all depends on your interest, I have went from beads, semi precious, to silversmithing. Still got lots of beads to use up.


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              Another vote for Making Jewellery and also Beads & Beyond.

              I also don't really like Bead or Make Jewellery much.

              But so much depends on the types of projects you enjoy reading and making. Each mag has it's own leaning towards different areas of jewellery-making.

              If you are into making fun fashion jewellery with cheaper components, Make Jewellery would probably suit well.

              If you want to try out different metal techniques, a bit of polymer clay etc - Making Jewellery has more actual jewellery fabrication projects.

              If you are into little seed beads and that type of beadwork, then Bead may indeed be more up your alley.

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                Thank you everyone for your replies.

                Wendy, yes it is beading that I do.
                Heather and Merry, I have to agree Bead magazine is a pain and I also keep getting emails over 2 years after i ended my subscription :-( I found Bead magazine to contains lots of adverts, but not so many "projects". Creative Beads and Jewellery looks like a very good magazine - I've just looked online and they do a very good offer for a subscription.

                I did not realise there were so many different jewellery magazines to chose from, I think I may have to go for a couple hahaha!
                thank you again,

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