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  • Tools for bag charms


    I was wondering what tools I need in order to make bag charms. I make sculptures, figurines from polymer clay and was going to make the charms from this, but am getting slightly confused by all the findings and tools. Any recommendations on what I should get to make pc beads into charms. All help greatly appreciated.

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    Good morning. Bit difficult without knowing exactly the style of charm you want to make, but here goes.......

    If you incorporate an eyelet into the PC beads or a hole(s) to thread beading wire, pins, jumprings, chain or whatever you are going to hang them on/from, you should only require the basic tools of round and flatnose pliers. You would need 2 pairs of flatnose pliers to open and close jumprings or one flat and you could use a pair of chainnose pliers instead of the second flat nose ones which will give you more options with the tools. To make wrapped loops if you were attaching the beads to a chain for example you need the flat and round nose ones.

    There are tutorials on You Tube for most jewellery basics or any one of a number of magazines and books available. might help though its mostly description without pictures to actually show you.

    Good luck.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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      Thanks for the assistance, I was thinking of a couple of beads on each thread, with a ice-skate charm.


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        Or to keep it really simple you could use something like leather or cotton cord and tie knots to hold the beads in place. This might be a good way to start to try it out as you would not need any tools for this method. As Mo said, it depends on what type of bag charm you have in mind.

        Do let us know how you get on.


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          Just wanted to quickly say thanks for the assistance, I took ibeads advice and used a cotton thread and for a bit more a security added a drop of glue to each bead. I'll post a picture once I get my camera back. My nephew now wants more made to give to his friends when they have ice-staking comps


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            Hi, I was also having same problem regarding bag charms but now i would like to say thanks to you to Ibeads as your posts were really helpful.


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              cjcrystal and Kevin

              Glad I could help.

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                Yes Sure, why not. I would be available and participate. I have visited your blog link. It looked cool to me and I liked it.