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    Hi all

    Started a blog today. Never done one before so i thought it would help in my progression in jewellery making. Reading it back it sounds more like a comdey sketch lol than week one of learning the craft. Think i will look at some other peoples blogs to see where im going wrong.

    Hope ur all having a good day


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    Hi Julie, Looks good to me and I am your first follower! I think you have made a great start to your blog, very engaging and I look forward to reading about the rest of your antics

    The only comment I have is that you have spelt 'jewellery' wrong in the top banner...oh and it is good to have your subject matter in the blog title (e.g. Week 1 - Elasticated Bracelets')...that way you are more likely to get picked up by earch engines and other blogs.

    Best of look with it!

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      Hi Julie, I too found writing my first blog post a bit nerve wracking.
      I think you are doing fine, I'm following you now and left you a comment. Why don't you join us for handmade monday. You will find the info on Wendy's blog here. It will help you get used to blogging and seeing what everyone else is up to.
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        Hi Julie
        Your first post looks fine, I'm new to blogging too and nothing I write seems to make any sense!
        I love the bracelet and am also following you now to see what else you make. I'd love to make jewellery but it looks far too complicated.
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          Hi Julie

          You've made a great start to blogging - am following you now. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

          If you want to join in with us for Handmade Monday, it will help gain you a few more followers and readers. It's a good motivator for posting regularly too.

          Blogging is one of those things which will develop and grow as you go on. Keep it up!
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            Well done on jumping into the water. And definitely take part in Handmade Monday, you get to see such wonderful work by so many people, Wendy does a great job running this... and she has a pretty great blog too!



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              Hi Julie, I started my blog this month too. I think yours is a lot better than mine as I am not very good at writing things down. Your jewellry are fab too.