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head and eyepins question

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  • head and eyepins question

    I have head and eyepins but what gauge does everyone use

    As am finding mine hard to wrap etc when trying to make a wrapped loop for example

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    HIya, Im no expert but to add beads to tiaras I use 0.4mm, hope that helps in some way.There should be a gauge chart on the net somewhere, youl probably need something thickert than 0.4 to keep the shape.

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      Ease of wrapping is usually less to do with wire gauge than the material they're made of.

      I'm guessing you're using plated pins, which could be made from just about any metal, ranging from copper (soft) to steel (very hard), with a silver plating. As a general rule, use the heaviest gauge you can fit through your beads - this will always look more generous - and spend the little bit extra on good quality findings.


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        Thank you Seahorse its appreciated will have a look on google shortly


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          Sorry Mizgeorge we must of posted at similar times as didnt see your post

          Thank you for that will have alook around for some findings that can work with easier mine by the feel of them to work with are probably a harder metal so will look out for ones that are a good quality but softer to work with


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            I find 24 guague wire and head/ eyepins do the business for me. Still relatively easy to wrap but they look substantial.

            If I'm using really small beads I go for 26 guage wire or fiindings.

            Hope this helps!

            Jo xx
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              I find 24 ga is best as well, (in sterling)
              Can't get on with wrapping anything thicker, does my hands in for a week
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