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Crimping problems! Help please.

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  • Crimping problems! Help please.

    Hi everyone

    I've been making jewellery for about two years but not really mastered the crimping although my first few pieces were fine...and still are two years on.

    Someone has set me thinking that perhaps the quality of crimp tubes and wire bought on ebay may not be as good as one might hope. I'm going to buy some better quality ones now but does anyone else have any other idea? They just don't hold and I don't see the point of just squashing a crimp tube flat as it looks unsightly (imho)

    Also, would you say crimp tubes or crimp beads are better? I only tried a few crimp beads and they all shattered on crimping - again ebay so perhaps why.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you, LISA

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    Are you using sterling or plated? I've heard people say that plated can shatter easily when squashed. I've never used plated crimps so I don't know if this is true.

    I use Tornado crimps. They're bigger than 'normal' crimps and are textured, so when you squash them you get a nice patterned finish. They are incredibly strong and I've never had anything fail when using them. You can get slightly smaller ones from the Silver Corporation that work in exactly the same way.
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      Hi Lisa
      I also have been making jewellery for about 2 years and i have found the crimping beads are better for me. I'm sure it's a personal thing really but I just didn't find the tubes gripped as well and often shattered like you have found with beads. I tend to use decent quality Beadalon wire too and haven't deviated too much from that. I buy my crimps from shops that i know and trust and haven't had any problems with them. I tend not to get them from ebay, I'm sure there are lots of reputable shops on ebay so I don't want to upset anyone but at the end of the day, anyone can sell anything on there and maybe your not really sure that they comply with current legislation etc especially if it's old stock or something.
      I often cover my crimps with crimp covers too depending on what I am making. I did buy some crimping pliers but i didn't get on with them so I tend to use just ordinary pliers which have worked just fine.
      Not sure if any of this info helps but thought I would share my experiences. Good luck.
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        By the way, i use silver plated crimps and haven't had any trouble with the plating coming off.
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          Thank you to Heather and Jules. I will definately buy from a recognised supplier in future and will try bead as opposed to tubes. Ive never used sterling silver only the 'bog standard' metal ones, not sure they are even silver plated.

          Can't thank you enough. Will report back on progress for sure.



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            I love the topic of you can read on below! At first I thought crimps weren't an important aspect of the technique - how hard can it be to squeeze? - but for most bead strung jewellery, this is where it will all fall apart (literally speaking)! From the repairs we do (or when I find my wire is slipping) it seems to be a mixture of one ore all the following:

            - the wrong size crimp - there are recommendations for what size crimp fits which gauge wire
            - poor quality crimps - they split and you don't recognise it and this causes a failure
            - inadequate crimping - they aren't closed securely enough, they are crimped to tight and crack the crimp, etc.

            A few options are as suggested, using better quality crimps (sterling, BeadSmith crimps are good, or even scrimps: screw crimps) or even using a pair of crimping pliers. Make sure you don't use too small a crimp so that it tears the nylon coating on the tigertail or too large so that you have too much room as mentioned above. At first I wasn't convinced about crimping pliers but the mechanics are sound. You are basically rolling up the crimp tube around the wire in a perfect manner that preserves the integrity of the crimp and thus it gives a tight closure (so it won't have wiggle room). Hope this helps. There is nothing more frustrating having a crimp fail and beads go everywhere of if you need to restring it.
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              I definitely prefer sterling, and beads as opposed to tubes. I haven't been using crimping pliers lately, I just squish them flat with a pair of pliers. I use the 2x2mm bead that our store supplies, and I've never had an issue with them. Try them out!
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                I know what you mean about ugly squished crimps- I always use sterling silver crimp covers and that does the job.

                I've never got on with crimp beads, preferring tubes for ease. Speciaal crimping pliers help.

                Good luck!

                Jo xx
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