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Help please - honest review of my website wanted!

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  • Help please - honest review of my website wanted!


    I recently set up my website selling both bought and my handmade jewellery.

    Apart from a few commissions, things have been slower than expected.

    I would be really grateful if you could have a look and give me honest feedback on the website overall - are my prices too high? Is the site easy to use? Any suggestions and comments? Anything would be welcome!

    Thank you in advance.......

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    Very nice,love the red.


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      I'm not a 'jewellery person' but your site looked very smart - the main photo on the homepage was striking. If I was buying, I would like more information about each piece - particularly the handmade ones. I think you need to sell the pieces more as customers can't pick them up and see them in person, you need to try to invoke that 'I want this' feeling in the description somehow.

      Normally I don't like handmade and bought in pieces on the same site but yours do seem to blend together quite nicely. I can't really comment on pricing as I just don't buy jewellery but I have seen other sellers with similar prices who seem to be selling OK. One thing which would put me off was that if I bought some of the pendants, I would then have to pay extra for a chain which adds approx. another £10 to the price. I also don't like having register on websites except on those where I am likely to be shopping frequently. I wouldn't register for a one-off purchase and would be more likely to go elsewhere.

      Your T&Cs are difficult to read because after the first paragraph, the text is tiny and it seems unnecessarily 'legal' and wordy. Again, things which have been known to put me off.

      On a positive note, I love the colours and the navigation was easy. I don't know how long your site has been running but it does take quite a long time to establish a site and start getting regular sales. There is a hell of a lot of promotion involved and sometimes you do seem to feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall!

      Do you have Google Analytics or something similar on your site? This would give you an idea what pages your visitors are looking at, where your visits are being generated from (ie. search engines, direct, referred sites, etc) and how quickly they are leaving your site without buying. If you don't have this, I would seriously recommend it as you will be able to use this data to look at improvements which can be made.

      Good luck with the site - it looks very smart so you certainly have made a great start.
      Ali x

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        very nice site, easy to follow and nice clear pictures.
        My only comment would be the background colour in the jewellry shots - silver jewellry on a grey background - makes some of the items blend in.
        I already mentioned I also dont like having to register just to make one purchase. I like to buy and run - paypal at the ready !
        well done


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          Thanks for some great feedback there. I know what you mean about the registration, so there is the option on the site to register or bypass this.

          Just out of interest, what experience has other people had? How long did it take for the orders to come in? I have the website, passed it around on facebook and twitter, and just taken out google adds. I am getting a growing number of hits but a lack of custom! I know its a hard time to start a business but its kind of identifying if it is that it just takes time or if there is something i can adjust to make it better...



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            It was a good six months before I got my first online order and then they were fairly sporadic and after a LOT of marketing and promotion. Everyone's experience is different but jewellery is a massive market and you are competing with probably one of the largest numbers of websites so don't be downhearted if the sales don't come in straight away. Once you get your information out to people via fairs and face to face marketing as well as the online stuff you are already doing, word will eventually get around.

            Stick with it - it is an amazing feeling when that first sale comes in!
            Ali x

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              Do like the website, the product pages are strong.
              As someone else has already said - Google Analytics is a great tool for being able to work out whether your problem is getting the visitors in the first place or learning where you loose them on the journey (my day job has me using these tools regularly in my role as business analyst)
              My only comment is about your home page - the products are 'below the fold' on my screen making it less instantly inviting.
              There is argument as to whether that matters these days as we are all more internet savvy - I may be getting too old!

              Good luck with it
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                Speaking only as someone who shops online for presents (before i got into upcycling) its a really lovely website its just marketing you need to get going. Try printing fliers on postcards (with the shop info on the back at the top and beautiful picture on front) and handing them out and fairs and lots of places locally would be willing to have them on front desks or around their shops. I know small galleries and colleges generally let you leave fliers. Colleges more so if you advertise the classes you give! just decide what to advertise where target audience and all that..

                I say postcards because I feel like I get a use after reading the advertising, I currently have 8 with poetry on the front advertising something we ended up going to AND im going to post these too

                Also make the special promotion bigger AND maybe put it on the bottom of every page as well as 'next page suggestions' or 'other things you might like' links to increase the amount of times you might come up in google, not 100% sure how it works on search engines but if someone types in' free postage and packaging' or 'handmade jewelry' into it its more likely to come up?

                Someone might want to correct me on that though

                Good Luck and Good Job!

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                  To be honest, I found your site a bit confusing, with the handmade and non-handmade together. Your 'about us' starts off talking about 'I' but then goes into the third person, and I couldn't find any information about your non-handmade items - are they made to your design, do you commission, how many of each design do you hold, that sort of thing. I'm also a grammar pedant and I find it really annoying when the are random capitals in text, or when things are spelled wrongly [eg 'piece of mind']. I know it's petty but those things do affect whether I would buy from a site.

                  Like Ali says, jewellery is a massive market, and there are many hundreds of websites out there. A lot of people need to see and feel the jewellery before they buy; it's not necessarily something that people would buy 'cold' online. I use my website as a shop window, and for my in-person customers to see new items between fairs. [And I need to update it this afternoon as I haven't done it for ages ... ]
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                    Hi missdolly's!,
                    I know exactly how you feel! I have just launched my jewellery website ( handcrafted as well). I'm getting people viewing it but just not the sales yet! [Mod edit - please read the forum rules]
                    Your website looks very professional and I like your products.
                    Have your sale picked up yet? hope they have!
                    I guess I just have to be patient, I better get advertising.

                    Paula :-)
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                      First impression is good, though I wouldn't immediately assume that anything was handmade.

                      On the front page the photo makes it look very professional but I think the font on Miss Dolly at the top gives a totally different impression (I hate to say this because I know how long deciding on fonts has taken me at times) and the text further down also seems less professional, I'm not sure if this is the font or the colour.

                      It isn't that there is anything wrong with any of it I thing it is just how it sits together and giving a clear impression of what you are about and what market you are aiming at. You have some lovely pieces on there.

                      Hope that doesn't sound too harsh


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                        Not been on the forum for a while and so pleased to see people are still commenting - i will take all your points on board and tweak where needed. A big thank you!

                        Anyway, just to update - had my first 'proper' online sale yesterday - yey!

                        I've been having a good few calls and enquiries about courses too so things are picking up. But it just shows you that seeing the products in person makes all the difference; i was showing someone some homemdade products as they were deciding on a possible expensive commission piece by me, and it resulted in enquiries for about 5 other pieces Hopefully the jewellery party side will pick up and help with this.

                        Thanks, and if its not too cheeky can you 'like' my facebook page??! missdollysuk



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                          Hi Paula

                          Thanks for your reply.

                          I am pleased to say that sales have started to pick up. For me the biggest customer traffic has been through google adds, although you can set a daily limit it can soon add up unfortunately.

                          I have my first craft fair soon, so fingers crossed for that!



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                            Have been to like you on facebook. Good luck.


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                              Love your website! Having read most of the comments above the only thing I would add is that customers want to know the delivery charge upfront- couldn't find it. Wish you well and best of luck!


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