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  • Jewellery making help!

    Hi there !

    I am new to this site and jewellery making, and I am looking for advice on what glues etc would be best to use for making stud earrings.

    I have bought some studs/dange earrings, and some jump rings, currently I have no charms or anything to put on them. I really have no idea what Im doing, what other kind of items I need to make these & I am just looking for some advice and tips .

    I would be grateful if anyone on here could point me in the right direction .


    Elaine !

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    Hello Elaine, and welcome to the forum and to jewellery making!

    To answer your glue question; the best glue is a two-part epoxy such as Araldite. You mix equal amounts of the two elements and it sets rock hard.

    As to your advice and tips request ... I would have a look at some magazines. There's a very good selection at EJR Beads [Emma is a member here] and if I were you I would have a look at a few mag websites to see which ones take your fancy, then maybe buy a few issues and try some projects. There are lots of magazines available, some UK based ones and some US, and each one has a 'specializm' [i know that's not how it's spelled, but it's to get around the rude word filter ] You could try

    BeadStyle [US mag, mostly stringing, good for beginners]

    Bead & Button [US mag, beadweaving and stitching]

    Beads and Beyond [UK mag, good mixture of all sorts of styles & techniques]

    Making Jewellery [UK mag, lots of different techniques, unusual projects]

    and Emma's site

    Lots of luck with your jewellery.
    Pretty Things Handmade Jewellery

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      Thank you for taking the time to reply .

      I have found the Araldite glue on Amazon, which I will definitely be buying soon !

      Thanks for the magazine links, currently having a little browse of them just now.

      Do you have any other hints as how to go about making earrings? What are good tools to use?

      Again, thanks for your advice, I appreciate it .



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        Auntys beads on youtube is good to watch for making jewellery aswell, they have lots of tutorials on there on making jewellery


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          Thank you. I am watching some videos just now !


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            Epoxy Resin is the adhesive of choice. Please make sure you use in well ventilated room. I didn't do this and ended up with a lung problem. So please take are.


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              Thanks for the advice, I am looking into this adhesive just now .