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  • Finally yay

    Have finally ordered my pliers to start me off making jewellery

    just need to get the beads now but cant untill weekend but at least am on my way

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    Well have started to get there

    Am now registering my domain and about to sort my website hosting out, have my blog and twitter accounts ready so its now becoming a reality

    its exciting and scary at the same time

    but have got my future in my own hands now which is great


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      That's great, I bet your so excited. I love it when I've got parcels turning up full of goodies. I'm like a kid at christmas
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        Definately excited am going to go to bedazzled at weekend for my beads as its not to far from me and can see them for myself that way to.

        My little girl who is a proper girly girl into pink and princesses etc has put the first order in bless her for a bracelet off me


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          its like having lots of christmas and birthdays all to yourself lol all the best and i hope it goes well :-)
          Pauline (Deceased) and Charlie (wishing he was)

 Ps this link is to old site ( not there now)
          But it was Paulines so i cant delete it


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            Thanks Paulinecrafty

            yup birthday and xmas all in one specially as my partner is paying for my beads bless him


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              Lol. I need to get new pliers too. Mini pliers are killing my hands.
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                Pliers is what I am waiting on as ordered them on ebay the other day and is a complete set plus a couple of other bits in a case, was only £20 and free postage etc

                I cant afford to spend alot on expensive pliers so am going to see how these go for now while I get started