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How to cut a curb chain

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  • How to cut a curb chain

    I have a 10.5mm thick curb chain that I need to cut, however the side cutters are barely making a dent. What can I use to cut this chain?

    I've been looking at the Beadsmith - Heavy Duty Cutter's. Will these be ok? What about the Beadsmith Professional: Heavy Duty Series Side Cutter Jewellery Pliers?

    Thanks in advance

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    On some chains each link has a join, which you can open in the same way as opening a jump ring. Have a look at both ends of a single link to see if that's the case, perhaps?

    I'd personally try using a jewellers' saw rather than cutters, if you HAVE to cut the links. Attach one end of the saw blade to the frame, then pass the blade through the link before attaching it to the other end of the frame, so you're cutting from the middle.

    Hope that helps!

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      Thanks so much for mentioning the join in the chain. It took a bit of effort (the metal was quite thick) but I managed to prise apart the join and get the chain of links I wanted out.

      I can't believe I didn't notice there was a join.


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        I use lots of curb chain that has 8mm x 5mm links, and my jewellery pliers were rubbish, they wouldn't cut it at all. I raided my dad's tool box and now I use his pliers, they cut through perfectly

        I sometimes open the links like jump rings if I don't want to lose a link, but I find it difficult to do this without denting the link as curb chain links are an awkward shape to get hold of x
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          Top cutters are best for cutting chain. They are like mini bolt cutters