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  • sore fingers!

    Hi just wondering if any of you use anything to prevent fingers getting sore whilst wire working, I have been crocheting with wire tonight and I have 1 finger almost double the size of the rest of them!
    Any advice would be appreciated!

    Carla x
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    Dunno what to suggest other than taking regular breaks. If it persists (or the swelling dosnt go down), I think it's something that may need to be seen by your GP.

    When my fingers swell up, it's because there's too much blood in them, because of my poor circulation it cant easily go from my fingers and up my arm again, so it just collects. But this only tends to happen if i've been exercising, or walking long distances.

    But yeah, take a break, and if it persists, see your GP, they might recommend something to help prevent it.


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      i am a beginner at jewellery making , but i get sore fingers too when using wire,thought it was just me ,let me know if u find a solution, what about wearing cotton gloves for wire work not tried it though


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        I've tried using a thimble but find it too bulky, didn't know if there were any spe******t protective covers that were thinner???
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          I've not discovered anything that gives you r thight grip you need to maintian tension and twist etc.
          I take regular breaks and lots of hand and finger exerciseds.

          Couple of weeks ago I did a 2 hour demo of cake jewellery for the British sugar craft guild and my fingers were so sore by the end that I stopped on the way home and bought an ice pop to rest them on to stop them throbbing so much.

          It's really important to look after your hands well. Take regular reaks, keep them moving, use moisturising cream reguly and stratch them etc.
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            I use Digiguard tape from Manchester Minerals. It's bright kelly green and sticks to itself, so no icky stuff on your fingers. It's £3.50 or so for a 30m roll which lasts a good while because I tend to use the same bit over until it gets too manky

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              ooooooh thankyou, I knew someone would have found something x
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                Not wire but bending little bits of metal:
                1. your fingers get as hard as rock after a while, and bent! but that's not good and ladylike,
                2. have a day off - the bruising goes down and they recover,
                3. put fabric plasters on before working - but I leave my finger tips free as I wear away the side of my finger,
                4. cut the tops off the fingers of leather gloves and wear them - doesn't stop the bruising but it stops any cutting.

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                  oooh I like the sound of the leather gloves! I agree with everyone about resting your fingers though, and stretching, put an alarm on if needs be every hour, it's so easy not to stop, times goes so fast when making jewellery!
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                    i have the same problem too, working with half hard wires for too long makes my fingers ache!! i spent hours on one design and my fingers got locked for a few seconds! i took a long break from wire work to give my hands and fingernails some recovery time! i excercise them now after ive been working for more than 20mins with wire.



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                      Me too...especially working on larger wire combs etc so I can only imagine how sore the tips of the fingers would be with crochet!


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                        not really many ideas but I knit with wire so I know what your going through! my skin tends to split and peel off tho lol! (sorry) have you tryed wearing a thimble? it makes everything ahrder but defiantly protects your fingers, either that or micropore tape and placters before you start, stops the worst of it x x
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                          I used to get really sore fingers doing a lot of wire twisting and found a 'golf glove' worked quite well as it's thin leather and tight and you only have to buy one, haha! (Good prices on ebay)
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                            I use leather finger protectors when working with metals/polish/drills/etc. They are just like cut off glove fingers and are less restrictive than gloves. You can get them on a well known auction website, but they are actually a lot cheaper from Cookson Gold and come in two sizes. After a while they mould themselves to the shape of your fingers.
                            Hope this saves cutting up a pair of leather gloves!
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