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Advise on stringing wire choices?

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  • Advise on stringing wire choices?

    Hi all, I am looking for advise on wire choices (not the strong wires for wire wrapping etc, its the stringing)..... I am a beginner but getting braver...
    I have been using "Beadalon 49 strand 0.018" Bright" for every thing I have made simply cause I have been told and have read that its the 'best' wire. I am showing the wire in some of my chains by crimping separate beads etc and now I have started beading right up to the clasp so no wire is showing and have also made a couple of braclets with it. I have used a variety of beads, gemstones and seed beads. I think its working perfect, it drapes lovely no matter what lenght i make it to and what ever i string on to it and have no complaints. I have given to friends and family and nothing has broken yet! or they havent told me!
    But I know I am wasting my money cause there is prob different I could use which would be cheaper as just as good for what i need. I have seen Soft flex, flex rite, acculon. Some 7 strand and 19 strand but they seem very light to me having used 49 strand and now i am afraid that they are to light....
    Ok I could waffle here for hours! Sorry My question which I know is so general its nearly imposible to answer but ...
    What other wire is highly reccommended for general use on chains/ braclets for beads/stones that will last?
    What wire looks ok exposed? And where do ye buy?
    Sorry for the long post, ye should be here with me I could talk about this for hours!!

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    I know what you mean I use flex rite 49 strand all the time now.
    You can get silver plated 49 strand wire in all those brands and beadalon do a silver coloured wire as well which matches very well with silver and very similar to the silver plated one but a bit cheaper than the SP. They also have a satin silver which is also a better colour than the bright but nearer in price to the bright.



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      I use 49 strand as well, but on lighter beads you can use a smaller count thread. For the chunky pieces then 49 strand, I generally don't use the 9 strand but the 19 is perfectly fine, I have never known it to break, the most likely thing to go is the crimp not the stringing wire, therefore only bit of advice I can give is good crimps, I love using tornado crimps are a bit pricey but in my humble opinion worth every penny
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        Ok Great thanks, think i will stick with the 49 for most things maybe try 19 for light stuff but i will try the different silver color mentioned.
        little.miss.sunshine I Never heard of tornado crimps? And another question I am using 1.5 mm crimps to hold stones on the wire and i think it is sound. The beadalon box says 1mm and reading a lot of people seem to use 2mm, but i though the squashed crimp looked far to big whereas the 1.5mm one is sound. What size do ye use?
        Thanks again.