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a real newbie question about bead caps

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  • a real newbie question about bead caps

    I have some pale green beads, round, in graduated sizes (aventurine possibly? my sister brought them back from Afghanistan). I want to use them with silver bead caps

    The largest bead is 20mm in diameter. My question is...when bead caps are given a size of 20mm is this the diameter of the bead they would fit, or is it the depth of the cap itself? Or possibly a better way of asking this is, for a 20mm diameter bead, what size bead cap do I need? and can I use the same zsize bead cap for the smaller ones?

    Any advice gratefully recieved!

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    In my shop, I quote the size of the bead cap and also the size of the bead that will fit it. I have some 20mm bead caps in antique silver due in next week.


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      I think most sellers quote the size of the bead cap.

      The size of the cap you buy depends on the effect you want. Some caps which are much smaller or larger than the bead can give a really cool effect.
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