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  • Adjustable bracelet - Help Please

    Hi there

    i wonder if anyone would be kind enough to offer advice. Im a total newbie so bear with me

    I wanted to make an adjustable knotted cord bracelet with either a few crystal beads on or a charm.

    What Im really unsure about is materials and knots. I'm not sure whether to u use cord, thread or leather thong. I wanted it to look quite pretty.

    thanks so much in advance xx

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    Hi, have you had a Google?! That's what I usually do if I've got something in my head and want to have a look-see if there's something on 'Images' and type in 'knotted bracelets'...I've just done that and there are all different types of ones just on page 1. Hope this helps
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      Might be worth looking at youtube.....I have basically learnt everything I know from that site
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        I don't like to sound indecisive but it really depends on what effect you want to end up with.

        A leather thong will give you a much more robust bracelet, like a surfer bracelet, but you wouldn't be able to string crystals directly onto it because the holes are too small. You could try plaiting thinner thongs and hanging the crystals from one of the thongs using jump rings.

        I'm not a massive fan of waxed cord because it can look scruffy quite quickly and unless your knots are vey tight and/or glued, it can unravel. It's also a bit less robust than some of the other alternatves and could be a bit flimsy. Rattail is a good alternative, it's a kind of silky woven cord, comes in all kinds of colours and it's very widely available - try Leicester Lady on ebay.

        You could also try silk ribbons. Diane at SowZerE Designs has hand-dyed silk ribbons and strings in some glorious shades and you would certainly get the pretty effect you want. Her website is here -
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          thanks for all of the advice guys !!! lots to think about