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    hi i was wondering if someone could help me with this. i buy jump rings from my local bead shop that are perfect circles that are closed, they actually meet when closed. I have been using quite alot lately and ordered a couple of larger packs from a couple of different sites but they are overlaped. When you put your bead or charm onto the jump ring you have to pull it apart to close it. not only does it make it a little out of shape its quite time comsuming an to be honest a pain lol. does anyone use a good fair priced place to buy larger amounts that are the proper shape. thanks for reading an if anyone can help thankyou x

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    I usually buy my jump rings from this place and have never had a problem with overlapping. I know exactly what you mean though...I bought some from another site recently and they were sort of out of shape and overlapping. Meant a lot more fiddling about!


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      I have a selection of sizes here, available in small or larger quantities. They meet perfectly.

      I've never come across the jump rings you describe, but I can imagine that it creates a problem. Good jump rings make a big difference to both the look of the piece of jewellery, and the strength of it.
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        Have you tried making your own jump rings? They are fairly easy to make, if I can do it anyone can

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