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  • silverclay fingerprint help

    hi all, i have searched the forum looking for the answer to this but i couldn't find anything please forgive me if i'm going over old ground.

    I have just started working with silver clay and i want to make a fingerprint charm for my SIL as a surprise for her birthday.
    I have done a bit of research and it seems that the best way is to use a 2 part mould material and then create a silicone negative to print the clay with.

    Am i right? Has anyone ever done this this way? can anyone point me towards suppliers for the 2part mould material and silicone? they dont live near me so i cant just ask my neice to put her finger in the clay..

    thanks for any help
    Wendy x - My New Blog Hull & East Yorkshire's Craft Group my Facebook Page

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    Hi Wendy

    We have a two part silicone moulding compound at Kernowcraft and also sell it in small packs, which you will be able to make quite a few different moulds out of. Its really easy to use and sets in under 20 minutes.

    Hope that helps!


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      Do you want it as a sticky outey fingerprint then? Because you can of course just press the finger into the silver clay? Or am I being a little dumb here (probably - oops!).


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        I use the sillicone moulding compound for customers. They send me the mould they have made and then I use extra putty to do a reverse impression that I then press into the clay. I imagine it would work out quite pricey if you only need it for one charm. Here is a mini pack

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          Thanks everyone
          Lyndsey, do you mean that you use the same 2 part moulding compound to make a reverse mould as your customers use or do you use something different? sorry if i'm being thick hehe! do you get a good detailed print this way?
          Planty, I don't want a sticky out fingerprint, thats why i need to make a reverse mould (if thats what its even called lol) my neice lives 300 miles from me so i need to be able to send them something to make me a mould from that will post back to me and be usable.
          Wendy x

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