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resins and mod podge! confused

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  • resins and mod podge! confused

    hi folks

    I wanted to try and make the lovely domed lockets with the image set and sealed on top as I usually use a setting and a glass dome.

    trouble is I have no idea what materials I need to do this (ie type of sealer and varnish etc) can anyone please recommend?

    I'm looking to do something like this with brass lockets

    I also wondered if someone could recommend a great resin to use to fill blank settings as right now im limited using the glass domes to specific sized settings and want to broaden my horizons. I'd rather not use a two part resin as I'm a bit lazy

    thanks in advance

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    anyone please?


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      Hi, sorry just come across this. Depending on the depth of the bezel, you can just use a glaze, such as DG3 which sets clear and very slightly domed. It is a one-part glaze that comes in a bottle by the makers of Diamond Glaze. However, like Diamond Glaze, it is water soluble so it must not be allowed to get wet even when the piece has dried.

      Or you can try a powder resin, such as Fluxe, or embossing powders that dry clear - for these you need to cover your sealed image with the powder and then heat with either a heat gun or a little grill oven to about 120oC for the powder to melt and stick to your image and the metal.

      There are also some wonderful one-part resins that dry in minutes using UV light. These resins are a little more expensive to buy, plus you probably need to invest in a UV lamp like they use at nail salons, but the outcome is lovely.

      Before you use any of these products, your images will need to be well sealed or the inks could run or look wet. ModPodge (a few coats of) is great, or some people use diluted PVA, acrylic sprays or even nail polish! Experiment and see what works for you.

      Good luck!

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        I have used Lisa Pavelka Magi Gloss which is really good. You can build it up in layers and it forms a domed shape. i have used it with a UV light but apparently it works with sunlight through a window. if we ever get any! the tubes are quite small and seem expensive but go a long way, one will do about 60 small bezels