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Costing your own handmade beads...

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  • Costing your own handmade beads...

    Hi, wonder if anyone can advise me on this at all.

    When using Bead Manager Pro and entering your own handmade beads (ie polymer clay, paper etc) how do you log them?

    I have at the moment made a price up for them per bead but then when you come to 'create' the piece when using a lot it is going to put the price as way too much. It is difficult to know how much each cost to make when you make them in batches, but I was going to just put how long it took to make the item as opposed to the beads and item, but then I still have the problem if i use a lot of them its going to be an unrealistic cost.

    Any help would be gratefully received


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    Work out what your wholesale price would be if you were selling them as beads, and that's the price to use.


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      I'll beat Emma Ralph to it! She has an excellent article about pricing jewellery which I'm sure you could apply to beads.

      If you do a batch, you could price the whole lot and divide by the number of beads made, but you've probably tried that too.
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        Thanks for the replies

        I'm going to have a good look at emma's info and work out what i would sell them for and do it as you have both suggested.

        Thank you