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Advice on putting a kit together please

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  • Advice on putting a kit together please

    I've been asked if I do kits for children to make their own items and as there seems to be a lot of interest in that coming my way, it is something I would like to do but do not knwo where to begin. Does anyone do this and wouldn't mind advising me on how to move forward with this? any help at all would be gratefully appreciated.

    Thank you
    Gemma x

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    Not something I have any knowledge of to be honest, but I'd say avoid anything that could be mistaken for sweets H&S has to be a priority.

    There are quite a few bead shops (Bead Shop Nottingham, for example), as well as places like this, offering kid's kits, so why not have a bit of a hunt around and see what sorts of thing they offer, and then make them better?!

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      I think first of all you need to think of the age of the children you are aiming the kits at as beading can e very fiddly to do for small children and there is the danger of them swallowing small parts? Also consider whether they will need tools to put the kits together or not, for crimps and findings kind of thing?
      Also a detailed how to make jewellery sheet of the kind of things the kit can make plus a safety notice, say like not safe for chidren under 5?
      Good luck with your kits.
      Hugs Peony
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        Thanks for your replies, will have a look at the link posted, and take everything on board that has been advised
        Gemma xx