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  • Opinion on new thing i want to try

    I want to use my copper sheet for something bigger than jewellery. I wanted to make small wall hangings. Not huge, maybe 5 inches by 5 inches or something. I would saw out designs, oxidise them and they could be wall mounted.

    Thing is i am unsure what thickness of copper sheet would be best. I prefer .5mm as it is thin enough to saw easier and to hammer. Also another thing is how would i mount it on the wall. I would prefer it like a picture frame with a small hook on the back but i wouldnt want to glue it, cant really solder it and dont have the skill nor tools for riveting. Any thoughts?

    Lastly, would you want to buy anything like that!? I would need to charge a reasonable price as they would use a lot of copper and one piece would take a lot of time.
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    Hi there,

    I have a few ideas, I haven't seen your designs so these might sound completely ridiculous but I'm just pulling ideas out of the air!! It would depend whether these would fit in to your design plan at all but is the copper thin enough to hammer panel pins in to if there was a piece of wood behind it? Like a frame, you could fold a few copper 'tabs' over the wooden edge and gently hammer from the other side so you wouldn't ruin your design, you can get really tiny artists canvases, I managed to find some that were only 3" by 3". Another idea which might be a bit shabby chic/rustic but could you work copper wire in to the design and then run it around the back so that it could be hung straight on to a hook? Or if the designs had tiny nicks or holes, maybe say, in each corner, could you get away with hand sewing the copper on to another fabric then attaching that to a frame?

    Are you cutting little bits out of the design from the middle of the sheet? If you were, could those be folded back on themselves to make a link that chain/thread could be attached to for hanging?

    I have no idea if any of that was any help at all, maybe it will at least inspire better ideas?

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      Folowing on from Susan's idea you could drill a hole in the top corners and use a piece copper wire to hang them. Youy could make the wire into a loose coil first like the shabby chic signs.



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        I think the wire might work. Even a small bit at the top. Il have to experiment. Thanks!
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          I've seen aluminium pictures of trees and these were backed with a painted canvas.
          Hope this helps.