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Can I wire wrap a crocodile style hairclip?

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  • Can I wire wrap a crocodile style hairclip?

    I want to make a bridal headpiece (for a wedding in 3 weeks), and think that a barette is going to be too big for the bride's fine hair. So I'd rather use a small crocodile style clip but as the wire/crystal/pearl flower is going to be quite delicate you'll be able to see the clip. My question is can I wire wrap the clip and still be able to close it properly? I don't really have enough time to experiment too much!

    Many thanks

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    you might be able to close clip if you used thin wire or try a plain tie clip as these have teeth and wire could sit between them. You could also cover clip in ribbon.


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      You can get crocodlile clips that are curved, with a gap in the middle. The only contact point is at the very end, so wrapping the top part wouldn't affect the touching parts. They have no teeth, but I have thick hair, and mine holds my hair all day.

      If that makes any sort of sense at all?!


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        I would think so.
        Can't you quickly wrap some wire around the clip and put it in your hair to see if it holds and then do the delicate stuff?
        There are also some small hair combs you can wrap.
        I have used these, which I have on my website. (They do smaller ones than I used) and they also do clear ones.
        Look at
        Good luck. Would love to see the finished article!