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  • Jewellery Party -v- Craft Fair


    I've been selling my handmade jewellery for the last 18 months by having jewellery parties at my home every 3 months or so and these have proved successful. I enjoy having the parties at home - I just have an open afternoon rather than a specific time for people to come - and this seems to work well. I'm not sure whether to try craft fairs yet and just wondered if anybody had any advice about this. Should I stick to what I know works or dip my toe in the water with a craft fair.

    Any advice would be helpful.


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    I also sell handmade beaded jewellery, I started off just visiting friends and family & showing them my work and had a few sales, I then started selling at craft fairs towards the end of last year Im not sure if it's the fairs i've been attending or the credit crunch, or people just not liking my work but i havent found them very successful, I havent given up yet though and plan to do a more established craft fair the end of march so will wait and see how that goes!
    Im planning on starting up jewellery parties & have a couple lined up in the next few months, so will see how they go!
    I guess it depends what works best for you! I find it hard not to get down about spending hours at a craft fair only to make a few sales, but it is also advertising as people will pick up my business cards & hopefully order online at a later time. I would just be careful in choosing which craft fairs you do and try and get one that has been running for a while rather than a first one, also Im finding it increasingly difficult to find a stall at a craft fair that has the space for another jewellery stall, Its a popular craft!
    Good luck, hope this helps


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      My instinct is a little "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

      It seems the party selling method is working really well for you, so maybe you would be better to really push that way forward rather than craft fairs, which can be so hit and miss.

      But it really does depend on what sort of fairs you are able to attend, what their costs are etc. There is no reason to not do both after all!

      I think the party selling method though is much overlooked, whereas quite often a well run party gives you more control over generating great sales than the average craft fair. (I have an article on my website about hosting jewellery parties, in case anyone wants some tips)

      I just wonder if you are not best to build on the sucessful foundations you have already laid and really steam ahead with the party model? I guess it also depends in you are able to persuade lots of other people to have parties for you too.

      Either way, the fact that your regular parties are working well for you shows your stuff is exactly what people want to buy - so I am sure whichever approach you take, you will make it work out well!

      Good luck with the continued sales.
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        I think that the Jewellery parties are more successful but it's hard to get people to host them, I hate asking people so I have around only 4/5 year with regular customers. I also stared doing a few a year as fundraisers, I givev 20% of taking to the chosen charity..and we both make a bit on it.