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    Ive never really thought about it before but i saw some posts on here about doing jewellery parties to sell your jewellery. Can you give me your opinion on these and the best way to go about them? How much stock can you sell in a night - id be worried i didnt have enough etc

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    I held a jewellery party at my house last year and it was very successful. I just had an open invitation to local people who were fans of my Facebook page, turn up between 5pm and 8pm. I sold lots of items and took lots of orders. The lots of orders may sound great but it can be a downside to doing parties because you can find yourself so busy you could do with an extra 5 hours in a day. Perhaps take a selection of designs but have some of the same item in different colours.


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      I did a jewellery party. Took along some things and wasn't sure if much would sell, but sold about £150 so was well worth it with no cost of craft tables etc.
      Had some enquiries after the party too.
      Good luck.


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        I am just starting out at doing jewellery parties my first one is the end of april, I read some really interesting info on here to get me prepared if you check the previous entries on here you should find some usefull info on here to get you underway!
        Good luck, let us know how you get on


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          This is the thread with info & links about jewellery parties, hope this helps


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            thanks for all your comments, i will let you know.... sounds promising though!


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              I have also done Jewellery parties but not as many as I would have liked. I found it very hard to get people to host them. Although I offer free jewellery for the host. I had a post on my website and on FB for week advertising them to no avail.

              I run 2 in my house each year and my sister hosts one for me and they are a great success. I would suggest having lots of earrings and bracelets as these will be cheaper and if someone comes along & feels that they should buy something then they not too much out of pocket.

              A nice selection of necklaces in various colours is also good for choice.