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Help with buying jewellery making things....!

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  • Help with buying jewellery making things....!

    Hi everyone,

    Jewellery making isnt my thing, so i need some help / advice please!

    my sister said that she would like to start making jewellery, its her birthday coming up and i thought i could get her some things to get her started.

    i have seen some tools and books and i dont know if they would be any good, if i could get your opinions then that would be great! i don't want to buy her anything that wouldn't be useful.

    i saw this tool kit here but they also do a larger one here

    and some books here and here!

    many thanks!

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    Jewellery Maker that you mentioned do some nice kits as well as full kits which contain all the gems and findings etc, so i would recommend them.

    I did the same for my stepdaughter for Christmas - i got a nice craft box and filled it with some wire, beads and a mini set of tools along with a bead and wire book and she loves it.


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      Have a look at beads unlimited - they do some nice bead selections if you wanted to add some to what you buy her and I like their pliers which are quite affordable. A bead mat is also very useful for laying out designs. Maybe you could consider a magazine subscription or an issue of one of the bead magazines instead as these are great for ideas and tend to have technique focuses as well. It really depends what type of jewellery she wants to make but there is nothing more frustrating than haveing a book sum pliers and no beads!!


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        Hi Sophie

        The Compendium of Beading Techniques is a nice book and has a lot of useful techniques in it, though as I seem to remember focuses quite heavily on seed beads, though if this is the sort of beading that your sister wants to learn it might be perfect. The beading book that I prefered when we were looking for new books to stock recently was `Beading Design with Semi-Precious Stones, Glass, Pearls and More`by Kim Glover, it has some really beautiful projects in it, plus all the techniques you need to learn and focuses more on beaded jewellery rather than the seed bead weaving style. The tool kits you mentioned look like the right sort of thing you will need for the jewellery featured in this book too.

        Hope your sister likes her pressies!


        p.s Loads of beading and jewellery things on our website if you haven't come across Kernowcraft before, plus step by step techniques etc. We also do a free catalogue if your sister would like one.

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          Hi Sophie

          Of the books you mention, Jean Power is very well known in beading, she was editor of Bead magazine, and has won awards for her work. She spe******es in seed beads, so if your sister is interested in this approach then Jean's book should be useful. If your sister is more interested in stringing and using larger beads, then the book I would suggest is 'It's all about the beads' by Barbara Case. You could check if your local library has a copy so you could have a look before you buy.

          However, it's not absolutely vital to use a book, as there are so many videos on You Tube, so my personal view would be to spend a bit more on the tools/beads rather than the book, but this is just my own preference.

          Regarding the pliers, the ones you suggest appear to be unbranded, and so you don't know how nice they feel to use, or how well they are made. If you want something more likely to last, I would suggest using a known brand such as Beadsmith, and you can find a kit here:

          I have this kit myself, and find it much better than the cheap kit I started with, which lasted less than six months before the flat-nosed pliers did not work properly.


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            What a lovely idea! I would love to receive a beady present!
            Lots of bead shops do gift vouchers for their online shops as well, so if you can't decide what beads to get you could always go for one of those as a little extra. Or saying that, if you see something inside oe of the bead books you get that looks nice, you could buy all the bits and pieces that she will need to make it. As said above - there's nothing worse than having a fab book with ideas and then you can't make anything!


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              Have you thought about a jewellery making course? I thought then she could see what type of thing she would like to learn and then go from there.
              Lots of great books and courses around and I'm afraid she may become addicted....though you won't be stuck for buying her presents in the future!



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                thanks everyone for your fab ideas!

                i didnt think about getting her beads! haha, thats like someone buying me my ideal pressie; a canvas and paintbrush set, but no paints!!! loool. didnt look at it like that!

                i dont really know what kind of jewellery she would like to make, i'll have to sneakily ask her! then i'm going to get buying

                thanks everyone!



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                  To start, I could get a couple types of pliers, some interesting beads and findings, wire and/or chain, and perhaps some earring wires. Then she can experient and see what kind of things she likes to make, and go from there!
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