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    I used to make Tiara's and sell them in a few shops a couple of years ago but have lost touch now with who would be the best supplier for beads and crystals? And also a good supplier for Tiara bases that do not tarnish ? Do you know of any?
    Claire ..x

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    If you want Swarovski crystals then I usually get mine from they are in America so it's best to place a large order as delivery is around $25...pretty quick though, I placed an order Friday evening and it was delivered today! You should be able to get your beads from there as well, depends what you're looking for of course. are in the UK and have the crystals at a pretty good price


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      Thank you for that...xx


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        Hi Claire

        There is also a beads section to the forum which should have lots of pointers for you - lots of suppliers visit this forum (myself included) ,so you can check out their signature links etc. If you are looking for crystal beads, I have just started stocking Preciosa crystal bicones in some really gorgeous mixes.

        Ebay is another place for beads - although often best suited for cheaper imports tbh.

        There are more suppliers than ever these days, so its really best to take some time and browse a few to see if they suit your needs.
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          You get hit with an extra bill from the Courier (customs, I think) if you order from the States.


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            Thank you everyone for your help .