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Newbie.. pearls question advise

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  • Newbie.. pearls question advise

    Hi all, I am new here and new to jewellery making.
    I have done some buying (more than i should have, beginners fault!!) of basics and beads and just now i was looking at some pearls ( I like them as fillers and added to earings) .. 3mm or 4mm and the site gave me a choice of Japanese acrylic pearls or Glass pearls. Now I thought both were very reasonable :-) but the acrylic were way cheaper and I dont know the difference. Can anyone tell me the difference? Which should I choose?
    I know I will make loads of mistakes and order a load of tat until I know what I am doing! I dont mind really cause I love it! But now that I have found this site I feel like I might get advise when I need it now and not just take off myself!!

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    Acrylic is plastic as opposed to the glass ones so they will be cheap.

    Use real freshwater ones they are very cheap and far nicer then either glass or plastic.

    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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      Great Thanks for our speedy reply....Can you recc on which site to buy from? Sorry If you not allowed do that no problem just tell me. Thanks again


      • #4 Ignore prices you will get a discount when you sign up with them.

        Assuming you are only after spacer quality pearls you should find some with one of these companies, but there are masses of suppliers. Some people use e-bay sellers but I don't as the quality is not always reliable but someone may be able to recommend a trader to you.

        Good Luck. Mo.XX
        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          Thank you, your a star.


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            I agree real pearls are much nicer but if you decide to go for faux ones the glass pearls are heavier and hang much better than the acrylic ones.



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              I also prefer freshwater pearls by far, but I also use glass pearls. The quality can vary but if you go for something like Swarovski glass pearls they are usually ok. Plenty of good companies sell the swarovski ones if you google it. I often use


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                Thanks guys for yer replies. As a newbie to this I am getting carried away with the variety and selection of beads (having to much fun as well! ) and stones available and not doing a whole lot with them!! Have to get off the net and stop browsing and buying and start creating!


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                  I agree with nichola. The freshwater pearls are the best. How's it all going since yesterday?

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                    Nothing done today annstar! I was at work today and shattered this evening so glass if wine and laptop is as far as i'ave got!. Busy week ahead as well with sister home for a week.. more wine! Have a good weekend.


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                      I would also highly recommend freshwater pearls. They are affordable and plentiful (usually farmed), and come in limitless shapes, sizes and colours.
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                        Another question if I may...
                        I am not experienced in real pearls (as i try to declare myself to not harm animals, so never made anything with real ones)
                        yet someone has asked me to make a black pearl necklace for them, so I have my pearls finally...
                        I see loads of necklaces which have a tiny space between the pearls but not with a spacer bead- what is the best thing to put in the middle? Did I read somewhere that metal spacers harmed the pearls? or am I imagining this.
                        I was going to put it on beadalon. would this be OK?
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