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  • Back again.

    Hello out there,
    I have not posted here for a couple of years, (work, hips,life & etc) and I miss all the chat and sharing of ideas.
    I have been working to try to build up my jewellery sales (starting from a negative number-should be easy!) and have put my new collection into a gallery. It is difficult to work full time ( aging fast) and sort this stuff out in the evenings but I will have to keep taking the tablets and burning the midnight oil. Two new-ish hips have returned me to life so I should be making the most of it.
    I am pleased to see that the forum is lively and I look forward to catching up. I have enjoyed looking at the pics posted here and I have posted some of my newest work in an album.
    Cheers, Ruth
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    Hi, welcome back. New hips are a new lease of life, I have had one too and I don't even limp now. I do everything I used to, well, almost. The only think you can't do is swim with the breast stroke as it can dislocate it but the crawl is fine. Good luck with your sales, keep showing us the pics, we love to see them.
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      Hi Ruth, I've recently come back to the forum after a couple of years away too - and for similar reasons to you! It's a lot livelier here than the last time we were here. I can't see that you'll have any problems at all building up sales, having looked at those gorgeous earrings.
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        Hello and thank you Carol. Glad your bionic bits are behaving. I need to shift some more weight before I will allow myself to be seen in a swimsuit!
        need to bump up my confidence as I have been dabbling at the edges of selling for years but 'real' work, the stuff that pays the mortgage, got in the way. At the moment I am helping a colleague and am busy with bench work (doing jewellery repairs) 3 days a week so it leaves me more time for my own work.

        Thanks Heather too for the feedback. I wish I had a bit more of a business head on my shoulders but I will have to learn and I will without shame pick the brains of anyone willing to part with some knowledge! Btw, your Pretty Things are very pretty.

        Hi Mo, your post has just appeared. Thanks for the message.
        It is good to be back.
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          back to the Crafts Forum Ruth. Hope you continue to improve and the hips work to full capicity again. Lovely earrings. Mo.XX
          Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
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