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Liquid silver flux?

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  • Liquid silver flux?

    Hi All,

    I'm new here, but I am trying to buy liquid flux for soldering silver. My problem is I dont really know what I'm looking for! Stupid I know! Also fairly stupid of me is that I brought some easy, medium and hard solder and now have no idea which one is which!!!!

    jennie x

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    auflux or auroflux for your liquid flux.

    As for the solder, cut a paillon from each and put them close together. Heat evenly and see what order they melt in. The first to melt will be the easy, and the last will be the hard. Guess what's in the middle

    I make different shaped bends in the end of each of them when they're in strip form, others put coloured masking tape on the end or you can scratch E M or H on.


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      Exellent Thank you.


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        Hi Jennie,
        According to Cookson bullion dealers, these are the dimensions of the solder you are using. I think (!) the measurements are fairly standard.

        Medium Silver Solder Strip, 1.5mm X 0.7mm
        Hard Silver Solder Strip, 6mm X 0.6mm
        Easy Silver Solder Strip, 3.0mm X 0.50mm

        In the workshop we always roll out the solder in a mill until it is very thin. It is much easier to cut like this and if you need very small pallions for fine work this is a good way to achieve it.
        If you don’t have a mill then a steel surface and a hammer will work too!.

        With reference to identifying the grades, someone on that wonderful resource Ganoksin, gave the tip that he colours the strips different colours with a sharpie then every last bit will be indentifiable. I am lazy so I just write on the strips with a fine sharpie then start cutting from the other end.

        Good luck with the soldering and keep asking questions.
        Cheers, Ruth.
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