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  • Wire/Thread question

    Hi, I am just new here and enjoying the forum so much already. I am making jewellery for a charity, can anyone recommend the best wire/thread and endings for beaded bracelets? I am trying to use the magic elastic stuff but I am not very confident with it. Many thanks.

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    Im a fan of tigertail (not stretchy)which is wire coated in plastic and can come in different thickness and colours.
    I end it with a crimp bead and crimp cover attatched to a clasp.

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      I also use a material similar to tiger tail (softflex). But for really simple beaded bracelets you could use memory wire. All you need is the wire and the beads. I have instructions on how to make a memory wire bracelet on my 'jewellery info' page on my website.
      I always found elastic difficult to knot, and to judge right length for the finished size.
      for glass beads & findings


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        Thank you both for the advice, it is always very helpful. Running wild, thanks for the instructions for the memory wire bracelet, I have millions of seed beads I need to use, this will be ideal!


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          you can use the stretchy elastic stuff if you pop a blob of jewellery glue on the knot

          I've made hundreds using memory wire, my biggest was 7 loops it's really heavy but fab.

          good luck!