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How to clean black marks off sterling silver chain

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  • How to clean black marks off sterling silver chain

    I have some sterling silver fine curb chain necklaces, bought ready made to hang pendants on. They have been stored together for a while and have some black marks on them. I tried:
    a silver polishing cloth = X
    toothpaste = X

    any other suggestions gratefully received...

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    Those aren't marks..

    Silver is a magic mental.. It turn black in light... The how photographic paper and film work with silver nitrate

    Sorry off topic lol

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      Originally posted by 0103media View Post

      Silver is a magic mental..
      Now theres a sentance I thought id never read.

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        Hi up there,
        Usually the humidity is the reason for those " marks ", what we do is to dip the chain in 10-15% phosphoric asid solution ( or suphric acid 10-15% ) heated at approx. 40-50 C let it rest for an hour or two and then if it is round simple machine made chain we use tumblers first magnetic and steel balls rotary tumbler. Usually this is what it needs to get the flash back. Some designs deserve more attention and we hand polish and silverplate them.
        If the the mentioned above technology isnt available try Silver Dip " Hagerty " for instance, but some stains are really nasty and even though they seem to disappear from the dip the surfice where they were looks unpolished. Wash very very well after silver dip!

        Hope will be of a help
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          There are several household items that will remove tarnish from silver:

          a small amount of either:

          Tomato Sauce or Brown Sauce, leave the chain in them for a bit and then wash with soapy water, once thoroughly dry, polish up gently with your polishing cloth.

          My favourite however is malt vinegar, I either put some in the kettle and fill up with water and boil my silver in there with it (this'll clean your kettle too) rinse thoroughly afterwards of course.

          Or what I usually do, is put a small amount in a microwaveable dish, heat for 30 secs and then drop the silver items in there. Leave for a short time, try a couple of minutes initially, more if it doesn't shift the first time. again, rinse off and polish up.

          Hope one of these works for you, when I'm not in the workshop, I use these methods at home on small items, instead of having acid at home.



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            Thanks for all the advice. Been so busy lately haven't tried them yet, but am going to give the vinegar a go soon.
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              Grubby Silver

              If it won't come off with a silver cloth them it's time to get the big boys out:P

              I have always found cola very good for getting rid of silver tarnish. If the mark is on a chain then I advise finding a container long enough for your chain to lie in it flat. The open 1 can of cola (i find the brand that comes in red cans and is full-fat best) and pour over the tarnished item and leave for about 12 hours or so. Rinse off and polish with a silver cloth. Never fails. Must be fizzy, fresh and full-fat (ie: with all the sugars and caffiene) cola though.

              Hope this works as well for you as it has for me. Cola also cleans grubby loos too but that is a different story
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                Google QuickSilver. It is amazing. Good Luck


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                  No black marks on me!

                  I've used a product called Autosol, you can buy it in some hardware shops. I use it in my ceramic restoration work as well, but I believe it's really supposed to clean up the metal on old car bumpers!

                  Hope that's helpful, Marie
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                    I know this is an old thread but if anyone is still interested here is what I do.
                    Put Bacofoil shiny side up in a container. Add a tablespoon of washing soda & a good pinch of bicarbonate of soda. Lay the tarnished silver on the foil, then pour over boiling water. Leave for a couple of minutes. The dirt and tarnish transfers to the foil and the silver is shiny.


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                      simly you can use aluminum foil and baking soda for any kind spot cleaning, you sterling silver rings will looking new again.


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                        Normally I go with washing up liquid and if that doesn't work then go with the foil, soda and bicarb.

                        Am amazed that the silver cloth will not shift it though.



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                          Malt vinegar!! Seconded!! I would definitely try that.
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                            Seahorse -

                            Originally posted by Seahorse View Post
                            Now theres a sentance I thought id never read.
                            Now, THAT is funny!