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I want to make a watch - HELP!

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  • I want to make a watch - HELP!

    I've bought 2 watch faces (from Jillybeads) but really don't know where to start with making nice "straps" I just don't know where to start, I've seen a design using swarovski 4mm biocones but would it be prickly to wear?

    I have to make my Nan one that's elasticated because she can't do her usual one up.

    Where should I look for inspiration?

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    Hi Naomi

    The latest Bead Mag has a beaded watch in it. I have just received it in the post so I am not sure if it is in the shops yet. This could be good for inspiration. I always use a picture search on google for inspiration as well!

    I think a lot of people do use swarovski for watches but I think I would prefer a smoother, rounder bead - especially if it was for my nan! There are some really sparkley round beads out there - as an idea how about Glass Crackle Beads? These are smooth on the outside but the cracked glass on the inside gives them the sparkle.

    Just as another idea - rather than just using plain white elastic cord why not use some different coloured elastic cord so that when the watch is stretched it still looks extra pretty ;-)

    Hope that helps

    Fran xx
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