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Threading materials - clueless. Please help

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  • Threading materials - clueless. Please help

    Hi there

    I'm really sorry if this has been asked before...i had a quick search and couldn't find what i was looking for so hopefully someone can help me.

    I've only just got into making jewellery and don't really know much about it at all. I seem to keep buying things but haven't really made anything yet. The reason is because i'm unsure of the types of material to use.

    I want to make bracelets and necklaces but i have no clue as to what type of material to use as there are so many sizes, thickness etc.

    Is there are generic table to explain the sizes to you? Like for a elasticated bracelet - what thickness of the stretchy stuff would you use? The stuff i have doesn't seem very thick and i worry it will snap (plus it's hard to tie a knot in it as it just springs apart again)

    I would go to a class for this, except i have a new baby and a single mum so have her 24/7 - hence why i'm trying to find out online.

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    Mhairi x

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    I mostly use beadalon wire for my jewellery. The 19 strand seems to work best for me. I bought a of the 49 strand and i found it too thick so i only tend to use it with really chunky beads. I use danddy line thread when i'm working with seed beads. I don't tend to use elastic thread so can't help with that. Hope this helps a bit.
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      I always use Soft flex Trios. I get them from palmer metals and its great stuff to work with. On necklaces it gives great drape and on bracelets its secure and is fine with silver and larger gemstones rubbing it.
      Its stainless steel coated in nylon. Its lead and nickel free and is fantastic quality.
      You dont have to worry about its thickness etc either as you can buy the trio packs, which come in 3 different sizes for you to play about with. There are also different colour packs, the purple and pink one i adore as they match the gemstones perfectly.
      They even do a sterling silver coated one (more expensive but lovely)
      If you go with these yuou wont ever need to think about your threading worries again, their great

      Soft Flex Original Satin Silver Trio. Unsure which wire to use, this is a great way to sample the Original Satin Silver Soft Flex Wire. The pack contains 10 feet of each of the following wires. 0.014" diameter/21 Strands, 0 .019" diameter/49 Strands, 0.024"diameter/49 Strands. Weight: Test Strength .014" - 10 Lbs. / .019" - 26 Lbs. / .024" - 40 Lbs. "

      Soft Flex Trio Mystical. The pack contains a 10 ft spool of each colour, Amethyst, Pink Tourmaline and Spinel. The wire is 0.019" diameter, 49 strands an ideal all purpose wire. Great with glass, mineral, and metal beads. Weight test strength 11.5 kgs (26lbs). Recommended crimps are 2 x 2 mm "

      hope this helps
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        I mainly use Tiger Tail which is great to start with as it's relatively cheap and easy to use. The Soft Flex and Beadalon products mentioned above are really good too but might be a little bit more expensive - it all depends on what you want.

        It's a bit of a shameless plug but I have some free tutorial sheets on my website under the 'Little Inspirations' tab - the flower power necklace one is a great beginners project and you could adapt the beads to match your style. I also sell the tiger tail etc as well and have standard necklace / bracelet lengths listed on the 'Useful Inofrmation' page (under What's What).

        I hope this helps and good luck

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          I use Tigertail beading wire too, the 0.45mm fits through most beads, even pearls and gem chips which sometimes can have really tiny holes. I've just bought some other beading wire, more strands(19 or 49?) and it is different, more 'swishy' and doesn't kink if you bend it accidentally as you're stringing your beads on. Like phoenixdreams said, if you're thinking of using heavy beads check what weight the wire can handle.

          The elastic does look thin so, as I was a bit worried, I cut a length off and asked my hubby to stretch it as much as he took a heck of a stretch and pulling for it to break, so that put my mind at would have been like making a bracelet and someone trying to put it over their head!! Regarding your knot undoing...there is a particular way of tying it. You do left over right as usual, then the 2nd 'tie' is to do right over left twice before pulling it tight, and pull as tight as you can until it doesn't 'give' anymore. You can repeat these 2 steps again, although I think you'll find that if you try pulling the knot apart that the elastic itself will break before the knot! Then snip the tails off. You can then put on a dab of nail varnish or jewellery glue or, tbh, I haven't put anything on mine and they hold perfectly. Then try and hide the tiny knot inside a bead or spacer. Good luck and happy beading
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            Hi, I use tigertail or Beadalon. If you use elastic, when you have tied your knot, put a little clear nail varnish over the knot and hold it until dry- hopefully this will sort out your problem.
            If it is thin, use light or small beads as it may snap if the beads are too heavy. If I'm unsure about things I make them, wear them a bit and see how they hold out, plus you could get people admiring them and asking about you making more.
            Being a mum, the jewellery you wear should have a good test of endurance!

            Good luck