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Help with wire ends please

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  • Help with wire ends please

    I finally got off my botty and made some hair decorations Ive been planning, all went well, I wrapped the end bits fowire round and round but dont really know what to do next.
    Do Ituck them back into the beads and hope for the best? do I add a drop of glue?
    Any ideas appreciated.

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    What I've done is tuck the end back behind the wrapped wire and then using a flat plier squeeze so that the wrapped parts sits flatter on the comb/tiara/hairpin and traps the end in nice and tight. But if the bead hole is big enough you could feed the wire back through and then snip it, though I haven't tried that myself. At the beginning I bend the wire to 90 degrees and then as I start to wrap, it gets covered over and is hidden, and again squeeze with the the pliers just to flatten and secure it in place. Hope this helps I've only recently begun making jewellery though so maybe the more experienced jewellery makers will have other techniques. Good luck and I hope they turn out nice and safe for you
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