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    I am looking to try and start using this type of selling medium, does anyone have any opinions on using them? Do they bring traffic to your site or are they just for selling? Do they out sell you sites?


    Sterling silver jewellery designed and made by Stuart Colclough in Wales.

    Cymru am Byth.

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    I'm sure some people do make a lot of customers from them... but I also suspect those that do well very actively market and promote.

    It's only my opinion of course but I've always assumed is only really us crafty folk that visit such sites... perhaps we should experiment and ask our non-crafty friends if they know of them? Of course you can link to it from your own site as a quick and easy shop but the worry then is that you "bleed" customers to other vendors.


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      Hi Stuart

      I can't answer for etsy but I have my own website and sell through NOTHS. It would help if I updated both of them occasionally but I'm really bad at it. My website is really basic (I am redoing it at the moment) but my sales come mainly from customers I have met at fairs throughout the year. I started with NOTHS in April and have been really pleased although I've only got around to loading about 10 pieces. There has only been one week so far when I haven't had at least one order. Out of choice I don't have the same products on both sites so I can't comment on the crossover but the NOTHS is certainly busier.