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Imperfections in silver art clay piece once fired, help!

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  • Imperfections in silver art clay piece once fired, help!

    I have made a charm which bizarrely ended up with a big hole in it after it had been fired I have tried repairing the piece with the silver art clay paste and have refired but it's really obvious where the repair is.

    Does anyone have any tips or is it simply a case of redoing the piece again from scratch? I've already redone the piece once, feels like it's out to get me!

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    Hi there, I knew I had to reply to your query here as I too have had a repeated problem with a silver clay fingerprint pendant. I had to re-make it twice and actually ended up emailing my instructor and sent her a photo of the disaster. It was simply a matter of the clay being too wet before firing and whilst in the kiln the air and moisture exploded, leaving a large bubble in the silver... which I understand has happened to you here.

    Firstly, are you using slow dry or normal silver clay? Also, are you drying the clay with a hair dryer, hot plate or oven for at least 30 minutes before firing it? I was leaving my slow dry clay to dry out over 24 hours, but still it wasn't dry enough. 30 minutes on the hostess tray dried it up lovely and the problem was solved.

    If you check the above, hopefully this will help resolve the problem, but I'm afraid you really will need to re-make the piece as you can't fix it with paste.