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  • How do you display yours?

    Might have an outlet for my stuff and wondered how folks display their jewellery and how they use pricing tags and package. In terms of price tags I am not sure about the sticky ones, they might leave a sticky mess on the beads? In terms of packaging, I was thinking about using tissue paper and getting some small silver or gold labels to stick on (keep the little packet together).

    I need to do a bit more in terms of research in shops, market stalls etc round here, but just wondered what other people do. Display is also a big question, especially as I need to try to keep my outlay down as much as possible.

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    I would use the tie on type tags. You can get them in most stationers and they are big enough to write a brief description or code number on one side and the price on the other.
    As for wrapping, if someone else is doing the wrapping for you would they do it neatly or even bother at all? I would suggest getting some organza bags, they are fairy cheap, don't take up much space and customers seem to like them.
    Here is a cheap necklace display you can make at home
    The cork notice boards you can buy anywhere are also good for pinning jewellery on. You can paint them with emulsion - a test pot would be enough, or cover them with material - maybe with some padding underneath.
    If you want to make some cone shapes for bracelets you can use an oval shape of card, cut in half and make each half into a cone and staple or stick together at the back. An oval will lay better on a table than a 1/2 circle.
    Hope this helps



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      Hi - great news about your outlet

      I use some black velvet type jewellery necks for mine as i have been supplying the same outlet for quite a while now so it paid off to invest in some nice display necks, i guess it depends on the space they will be able to give you.

      If you want to keep costs down how about some nice big stones. I also use bits of driftwood and big beach pebbles which didn't cost anything.

      Good luck

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        Love the jewellery display tutorials - great ideas!
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          Hi there.

          I use a gift tag stamp to punch them out of thin card. I write the price on and then put a needle with thread through the top of the tag to tie it onto the piece.

          I wrap some things in tissue and other things I display in gift boxes, which are not too much, but make the items look a little more professional.

          At craft fairs I put little boxes under the table cloth to raise up certain areas of the table and then I put jewellery on top and against the side of the raised areas. Other items are just left in their boxes.

          Hope some of this helps.


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            Hey, brilliant ideas thanks folks. I thought about the organza bags too they are rather nice. If I was brave I'd make my own, but my sewing leaves a bit to be desired. Must get making now though, lovely to have someone who is interested in putting stuff in her shop, but currently I have hardly any stock! Need to find some time and give up my day job!!!! (must buy a lottery ticket! )
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