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Drilling Sea glass dilemmas!

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  • Drilling Sea glass dilemmas!


    I have been making a wide range of wire wrapped sea glass jewellery, and next I want to drill my sea glass. I've done my research and it looks like I need a dremmel, dimond drill bits and lots of water! Before I invest in this though I want to see how well it sells. As I tumble my glass and I collect it all myself, I want to use my own glass, but does anyone know of anywhere I can rent the equipment, or post my glass off to be drilled?

    Thanks in advance!!!


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    I don't know anywhere you can rent it. But if you are looking to buy, we sell both the dremel and diamond tipped drill bits. We have also put together a leaflet explaining the process and different techniques.

    If you are buying a dremel to do this - make sure you get one with the flexible shaft, absolutely essential to keep the water away from the electric bit of the drill.

    Hopefully someone else will be along soon who knows where you can rent one or maybe can let you borrow one...

    Best wishes


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      I'd just say my minidrill (a dremel 'twin') is my most favourite, most used tool. I love it to death and it's been going strong for 30 years. You'll find yourself using it for all sorts of things you haven't thought of yet once you get one.
      You don't have to buy the whole shebang at once. You can add attachments as you go along. (My birthday present wish list is always tools!)

      But if you are still hesitant I would track down your nearest friendly neighbourhood craftsperson type jeweller (with a dremel, of course) and talk to them, seeing if you can get them to have a go. make an offer they can't refuse but be prepared for first attempts to shatter or get scrathched. Then they can give you some feed back on how difficult it is, or not.