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  • Which cutters for what?

    Hi every one,

    Hope you can help me out. I have a very old and cheap cutter and I like to buy a new good one. I have read a lot about all kinds of cutters, also here on the forum but I still can't figure out some things. A lot of wire flush/side? cutters mention they are for soft wire, what does that include?

    This is what I use and for which I am looking for a cutter or cutters, if I can't use the same cutter for all.

    I use most of the time:

    • 49 strand beadalon wire from 012" to 018" thickness
    • sterling silver wire and up to 1mm and sterling silver headpins
    • I also use a lot of silver plated headpins, these are quite stiff

    The most important thing I like to have a good cutter to cut the extra wire off after making a wrapped loop of sterling wire and the silver plated headpins. Al lot of times, the place where the extra wire needs to be cut off is hard to access.

    The same for the beadalon 49 strand wire when I need to cut the extra wire next to the crimp bead.

    Is there one good cutter I can use for all or do you suggest I use two cutters; one for the silver wire & silver plated headpins and then a second one for the beadalon 49 strand wire?

    And must it be a side cutter of a flush cutter?

    Hope you can help me out!

    Many thanks,

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