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  • Where can I find......

    findings to make belly / navel ring jewellery?

    I've been told a few times that I would do well making funky navel jewellery, but, being completely naieve about such things, I've no idea if you can buy the findings???
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    Can't help you there. Have a hard enough time finding my belly button let alone jewellery for it.

    Belly button jewellery is popular though although I have to say half the people with the belly buttons pierced really shouldn't have them done!!! Kylie Minogue they aint if you get my drift!!.



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      I have looked for ages for some. I have done an exaustive search including touring piercing shops. I don't think you will have much luck finding them. the only option seems to be to buy ready made ones and take them apart for the componants.
      If you do find any, then be sure to let me know!!!!
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        I've found this, but I just thought "cripes, where do I start?...."

        Trouble is, I know nothing about belly button piercing - what they're called, etc.....
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          Ouch, the nipple jewellery looks painful!!!


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            The ones you would want are the curved banana shaped ones. Where there is a dangle, the dangle should be attached to a loop so it can be removed and replaced with your own dangles.
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              Hmmmm ..... a definite gap in the market there!

              I shall have to have a think about buying from the wholesale/job lot section of ebay and then doing like you say, dismantling and adding my own dangles.

              I personally can't think of anything more annoying than having something dangling from my belly-button, but each to their own! Plus several people have asked / suggested it now, so I think they'd sell.....
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                I am sure that you'll have no problem selling them.
                I spent several months trawling the world for them and have links on several trade sites asking for suppliers to contact me but so far nothing has come of it. Even people with huge american based beading shops have had no luck in finding a supplier.
                Keep looking!!
                full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                  I need something like this ebay auction


                  only not as expensive per finding obviously!
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                    Found this as well :


                    So somebody, somewhere makes them.....
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                      I'll just carry on posting replies to this thread coz what I find might be of use to somebody else ....

                      The best I've been able to find so far are "add your own charm" belly bars :


                      And from what I can work out you can choose a colour, including clear.

                      I would like to give them a try, but this site has a minimum order value of $100. Is anybody else interested in "sharing" an order to bulk up the order value?

                      Update : I've just ordered 10 of the plain silver add a charm type from a US ebay seller, so I shall wait to see what they're like before committing to ordering more.
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                        These are easely made ..

                        Where i work we produce all things like that on demand.
                        Unfortunately not titanium but silver and gold only.

                        Since i am a new user cant publuish web sites, if you need to look for us search for MOD EDIT - READ THE RULES
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